Monday, November 21, 2011

Nifty and Thrifty

Happy Monday! I hope you had spectacular weekend. I gave myself a little "craftcation", during which I sequestered myself at home and worked on a soon to be unveiled project. It was heavenly, but I am a little sore! How is that for a teaser?

Today, I want to share with you a little project that makes me smile every day. A while back, I posted some wine bottle art that I keep on my windowsill. It was a simple project that brightens up my kitchen and reminds me to relax on a daily basis. I love this project for many reasons, but mostly because:
1) It was easy
2) Free (with the wine)
3) Green (both literally and figuratively)
4) Functional

Functional?! No, I am not opening a home winery. Yes, I have been known to stuff a flower stem or two down the wine bottles, but on most days this recycled sculpture looks like this:

See that little baggie? This is my Ziploc bag drying rack. I like to re-use my Ziploc bags (Tip #1: freezer bags last the longest). The practice saves me money and it is good for our little planet. Recycling baggies is a bit easier  for me to do since I grew up with the practice and in a place where brand new Ziplocs were typically reserved for guests and Christmas. I still like to just hold and feel a brand new Ziploc. Oops, I digress. I try not to use Ziplocs at all, but they are handy little things and this drying rack makes me feel a little less guilty for using them.

I love the wine bottle approach because the bags dry quickly (Tip 2: hang them inside out) and they don't get in the way like they used to when I just perched them on a knife in the dish drainer.

So there's your nifty, thrifty tip of the day. Save some money, brighten your windowsill, and enjoy!

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