Sunday, September 2, 2012

That One Time I Went to Burning Man

However one may feel about the art extravaganza that is Burning Man, you have to admire the art that is produced for this event. Although the art will be burned at the end of the festival, artists from across the globe gather extraordinary and intricate structures on the Black Rock Desert playa for a week of celebration of art and community. 

This week a work trip took me to Black Rock City, the third largest city in Nevada for the week of Burning Man, and I was able to photograph a few of these amazing structures.

The Big Ego

The Temple is constructed each year as a quiet space. Participants leave photos of loved ones and decorate the walls with writing before the burn. 

The Temple was constructed of laser cut plywood and then assembled in the playa.

 Motorized vehicles are not permitted in Black Rock City, so Burning Man participants decorate bikes to travel around the city.

Because the event is held in the middle of a salt desert, frequent wind storms create white out conditions. Objects returning from the playa are distinct in  their coats of fine white dust.  

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