Friday, December 21, 2012

In New Mexico

We made it to Las Cruces! Peter has most of the pictures of our trip, so I'll wait until I retrieve those from him to post about the trip.

It has been such a relief to arrive in New Mexico and begin the slow process of "re-potting". When I moved to Reno I did not even take a single day off to move and settle in. In contrast, having THREE FULL WEEKS to move, unpack, do Christmas and maybe even take a vacation has been simply heavenly. Two days in to my time in New Mexico I feel more settled than I did after a month in Reno And yes, I have already located several good thrift stores, coffee shops, and walks for Zebulon.

So without further ado, here is a brief snapshot of my life here.

Having plants in the house really makes the place look like home. 

Um, hello awesome Craigslist find. The guy lowered the price with every item I took, so I ended up with some great items...

Like this bookshelf, hand built but sturdy, which will serve as a dresser with my newly thrifted suitcases. 

...and this awesome chair. I think it'll make a great crochet corner. 

This is the kitchen. I'm not wild about the faux wood laminate, but it is a full sized kitchen with plenty of storage, so no complaints over here. 
Its really fancy dining over here at Chez Sarah. The table and chairs were also part of my Craigslist treasure trove. I LOVE the wood flooring and large windows.

Kolby--this is for you. Part of my granny chic aesthetic. 


 I can't have a bedroom picture without a shot of Zeb on the bed. He spends 90% of his days here.
Doorway between bedroom and living room. For some reason I really like the doorway. 

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