Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let's Just Hide

Zeb has been doing a lot of hiding recently. I think he is sensing changes going on around him, since we are MOVING TO NEW MEXICO.

I'll try to keep you a little more updated along the way, but to answer a few questions:

1) I am not taking my furniture with me. The table is going back to Winnemucca for safe keeping. Everything else is still there. I love all of those projects, but I want to own my stuff and not have it own me. By trying to limit my belongings to what fits in my car and a few shipped boxes, I figure I'll be forced to part with a lot of items that I don't really need any more.

2) Yes, I am looking forward to starting from scratch in a new place...I have so many ideas for decorating!

3) Yes, Zeb is coming with me.

4) Our last day in Reno is December 15.

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