Sunday, January 29, 2012

Summer Flash Forward

Today was unseasonably warm and sunny. After a week of rain and snow and cloudy haze (I know, I should thank my stars that we only had a one week stretch of cloud cover), I embraced the sunshine as an opportunity to have a summery Sunday in January. This meant going on a hike and thoroughly cleaning my car. At the end of the afternoon, I rewarded myself with a summery drink: lemonade. While cleaning out my freezer yesterday, I discovered some frozen blueberries and peaches leftover from their summer glory. A handful of fruit in the blender along with lemonade mix and a little water yielded this custom drink. This would be tasty in and of itself, but I have some peach schnapps to use up, so I put a little of that in as well. 

This is definitely going on the drink list for summer time.

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