Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to My Roots

Those of you who have followed me since my Life in the Desert days know that it was through photography that I discovered and began to own myself as an artist. My short attention span means that I have since moved through several other artistic media, but artistic identity I now cling to was shaped primarily through photography. I love photography in that it allows us to capture the simple, oft-ignored aspects of life and make them magnificent. This theme continues in my artistic endeavors today: turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.


The enormously transformative power of participating in an art project can heal most wounds. At the end of a difficult day, I turn to art first to sort my thoughts and restore peace to my soul. Winter is challenging because I miss the gorgeous light that natural photography thrives on. Consequently, I lose my go to source of the artistic “fix” (yes, I’m addicted).  So in this winter night, after a discouraging photography session, I found myself looking back through my pictures from the summer. I discovered these two shots of signs around Reno. A restorative photo-walk six months ago yields similarly satisfying photo search in the dead of winter. I surely do love you, photography.


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