Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sarah-Do: February

So I have decided to make my Sarah-Do list a month to month thing, since the problem of when to put items on, when to take them down, and when to ignore the list altogether seemed, well, obnoxious. On to plan B, which hopefully stands for Better. For February, the Sarah-Do list includes:

  • Finessing my yoghurt making skills. I have made one palatable batch, but I want to make sure this is repeatable before I blog it. Any tips or tricks, gang?
  • Finish coat rack--we're probably sitting at about 85% on this one.
  • Finish my crochet rug in time for A's wedding
  • Finish The End of Vandalism and start one more book.
  • Make one piece of wall art.
  • Refurbish dining room chairs.
  • Host a Friendly Friday every week.
This is probably a conservative list, but I would like to leave some room for innovation and whimsy. What about you? Any goals for this short month?

And here is a horse, just because.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know ... if it were me, I think this list would keep me PLENTY busy during the short month of February (aka, I probably wouldn't get to half of those things).

    Also, I LOVE the horse picture!